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With so many passwords and PIN numbers to remember, most of us need a better and more reliable memory than our own brain to store all this vital information. Since we carry our mobile phone with us most of the time, storing passwords and pin numbers in it, seems like a good idea. However, since this kind of information is not something you usually would like to share with everyone, especially with the punk who stole your phone, encryption would be desirable. This is exactly what Safe for Nokia N9 does.

Safe for Nokia N9, by Kalle Lappalainen, promises to safely store your personal information such as passwords, PIN numbers and credit card numbers. All this sensitive data is secured with a strong AES 256-bit encryption. Apparently this data is also backed up during the device backups.

The app itself is very intuitive to use. First you set a password which will be used to access the stored data. Yes, you still need to remember one password. After that you can set up categories or groups, like Credit Cards. In this you may have multiple entries like VISA, MasterCard and so on. Finally the actually information can be entered for each entry. There are many predefined fields you may choose from, like Username, Password, PIN code, Card number and so on. Additionally custom fields may be added. Basically, you may store whatever you like here.

I've used Safe for Nokia N9 for a while now and I must say I really find it useful. I can finally store all my passwords, PIN numbers and more in a safe way in my Nokia N950. I do recommend this app for anyone who wants to store this kind of data on their Nokia N9 (or Nokia N950). It's exactly what it promises to be and it just works. The only thing I'm missing is a faster way to unlock it compared to using a password. Some kind of PIN code with nice large number buttons would be nice. Just as an option, of course. Anyway, it's well worth the price, so if you need something like this, go and get it from Nokia Store.