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As one of our keen eyed reader (thanks Jonte) helpfully pointed out, there is no mention of Bluetooth Heart Rate monitor support in the press release of Sports Tracker for Windows Phone. This naturally got me worried. So I contacted Jussi Solja from Team Sports Tracker and this is what he said: "The Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor is not supported in the initial release of the Windows Phone app. Windows Phone platform does not yet support the necessary Bluetooth profile. We are looking in to adding support at a later stage as soon as the profile support is available."

This is a disappointment, for sure, but it's not hopeless, since they are planning to add it as soon as Windows Phone will support the correct profiles. I guess I have to continue using the Nokia N9 version of Sports Tracker until it will. While Windows Phone seems rather cool and all, it is still, in some aspects, quite immature. Then again, it's improving all the time. So hopefully Bluetooth Heart Rate monitor will work soon with the Windows Phone version of Sports Tracker.