According to information received by WMPoweruser, Microsoft has set an internal goal to sell about 100 million Windows Phone devices in 2012. That seems to be quite a lot, but perhaps it's not impossible. To put it into perspective, in 2010 more than 111 million Symbian smart phones were sold according to Gartner. So, with Nokia's help, this goal could be achieved. Network operators seem to be quite optimistic. They are expecting a 30% market share in 2012 for Windows Phone. Obviously, Nokia really needs to ramp up production and availability of Nokia's current Lumia line and future Windows Phone devices for this to happen.

The other piece of news received by WMPoweruser is that apparently Microsoft could have delivered multi core support already with Windows Phone 7.5 Mango, but delayed this because of the partnership with Nokia. Microsoft wanted Nokia to be the first to take advantage of this because of its exclusive partnership. Since it was unrealistic for Nokia, which doesn't have that much experience yet with Qualcomm chips, to deliver dual core in such a short timeframe, the introduction of multi core was postponed. No doubt, Samsung and HTC would have been better positioned to take advantage of dual core, since they already do have them in their Android smartphones.

Source: WMPoweruser