600-nokia-lumia-800 maps

For those wondering if any of the cool features available in the Symbian version of Nokia Maps, like public transport, will ever be present in Windows Phone too, the short answer is yes. At least this is what Kristina Bohlmann, Head of Communications, Location & Commerce at Nokia, replied when I ask her about the future of Nokia Drive and Maps for Windows Phone and MeeGo. This is what she said when I asked her if we should expect to see the new features introduced in the new Nokia Maps Suite beta for Symbian in Windows Phone and MeeGo:

"Since Symbian was the first platform on which Nokia introduced Nokia Maps, the latest version (Nokia Maps Suite) currently already features a very broad feature set. However, as you already know we are constantly working on further improving and enhancing the experience. Of course, this goes also for Nokia Maps on Windows Phone will be certainly updated, so you can expect to see features you already know from Nokia Maps on Symbian or Meego also on Windows Phone."

So good news for those who are thinking of getting a Lumia 800, Lumia 710 or any other upcoming Nokia Windows Phone. While we do not know when these great features already present in the Symbian version will come to Windows Phone version of Nokia Maps (and Drive, I would presume), but at least Nokia seems to be working with it. However, this doesn't seem to be so good news for Nokia N9 users, since Kristina Bohlmann didn't really answer that part of the question at all.