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Are you a proud owner of a new Nokia N9 (or N950)? Or perhaps you are looking into buying one (the N9, since the N950 is developer only model)? In both cases you would probably like to know what kind of apps are available for it. While the Nokia N9 doesn't and will not ever have as many apps as some other platforms, it does have apps and quite a few of them are really good. The trick is to find them.

Most of the apps for Nokia N9 are in Nokia Store, which is accessible directly from the device itself by using the imaginatively named "Store" client app. By using it, you can easily download and purchase apps and games from Nokia Store (formerly known as Ovi Store). If you know by name the app or game you want to get, the Nokia Store works well. But if you are just browsing to find something interesting, there are better options available.

If you are searching for quantity, then My-MeeGo is the place to see. It probably has almost all the apps and games available for Nokia N9 and N950 in it. And some of the apps can get there are not available even in Nokia Store. So, if it isn't there, chances are that it doesn't exist for Nokia N9.

My current favourite site for Nokia N9 and N950 apps, however, is not My-MeeGo, but N9 Apps. It might not have all the apps. In fact, there aren't that many apps or games listed there currently. Yet I feel N9 Apps is the best site for searching app for Nokia N9 (I'm getting tired of writing "and N950", so let us just assume when I say N9, I also mean N950... or perhaps I should just say MeeGo... but then again they are not truly MeeGo ... ah, whatever, back to the subject).

N9 Apps site not only looks and feels great, but it has much more info on the apps than My-MeeGo or Nokia Store. The beauty of N9 Apps is the fact that the developer of the app or game can submit much more information than is possible in Nokia store. Also the pictures are bigger. But the very best part is the Comments & Review section. Here interaction with the developer and end users is possible! This not only means better support, but may result in improved apps as well. I wish something like this could be done in Nokia Store too.

Anyway, if you are searching for apps, then check these sites. Nokia Store is a given, because you have to use it for most of the apps and games. If you need something special, you probably will find it in My-MeeGo. But for a truly good and informative experience, go to the N9 Apps site. I really do recommend it!